Hello 2019!

How many New Years have come and gone and we’ve had the best intentions to achieve a new goal but by June (if we are lucky to keep it going that long) that goal is pushed to the side as life gets in the way?  For many of us that goal is to exercise more + eat healthier.

Lose+together is here to provide healthy recipes + tips – a resource to help you stay on track.  Cooking at home is the #1 tip from anyone who has lost & maintained a healthy weight.  Our mission is to inspire the home chef inside of you! We will also share many tips on how to step up your culinary game. Please see “about” to learn more about our mission.

The recipes on this site are for those with busy lives like us, many recipes are under 30 minutes from start to finish, all have a prep time (hands-on time) of 30 minutes or less and are around 400 calories per serving or less. Our “calories in” post shares how to use our recipes.

Start small – commit to making dinner at home a couple nights a week and build up to three or more.  Meal prep on the weekend to help save some time – we’ll share tips on how to do this without giving up your entire weekend (see “meal prep”). 

We believe food is meant to be enjoyed, not something to be ashamed of. Here’s to a delicious 2019!



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