friends + family support

For those making big changes to the way you eat, having friends + family support is important. Many times, those friends + family members helped contribute to a lifestyle of overeating and eating unhealthy foods.

Sit down with them and explain your goals – hopefully some or all of them will want to join in with you, especially those who eat meals with you the most. If you like to eat out at restaurants, it is great to have friends who are in the same healthy-eating mindset – you can share dishes and pick restaurants that will have healthier menu offerings.

If they are not supportive, you may have to make some hard choices and limit visiting with them during meal times, especially the first few months (see “clean eating”). If you have to eat at your house before meeting them out, do so, but you know if the temptations will be too great and set you up for failure. After you get through the first few months, your new way of eating will be incorporated into your lifestyle and these temptations will be less threatening.

Do the cooking for your family – portion out your serving according to how many calories you need that meal and add pasta or other foods to your family’s plates if they require more calories. They should generally be eating what you eat, just add larger portions or extra foods to their plates if they need more.

Ultimately, creating a healthy lifestyle is important for both you and your family.

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