farm to table

“The closer we get to the source of food, the better it is for us and the planet.” – Alice Waters, farm-to-table pioneer and James Beard Award Winner for Outstanding Chef

Farm to table has been a trend for many years and isn’t going anywhere. Not only is it great for our environment, farm fresh produce tastes better. If you travel to the Mediterranean, the food tastes amazing because they are serving vegetables that were pulled from the earth, fruit picked from the trees + fish pulled from the sea, many times the same day.

In the United States and many other regions around the world, we are not that fortunate, most of us have to get our produce from grocers. Many grocers now have a local produce section in the summer months, but they typically have very limited offerings.

There are ways to get that farm to table experience in your home. On weekends, visit local farmers’ markets, buy what has just been harvested and then search for recipes that you can make using those fresh ingredients (look through our tags to find dishes that use those ingredients) . Keep in mind, in more temperate climates, these farmers’ markets may be open year-round.

Consider joining a farm co-op in your area where you pick up (or sometimes they deliver) fresh produce that was just harvested. If the co-op yields too much for you to consume before it spoils, go in on it with neighbors. Do some research online to find co-ops near you.

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