mindful eating

Before eating anything, think about how that food will nourish you.


Start the day right by setting the right tone.

calories in

The unfortunate truth is that most of us can’t (realistically) outrun our fork. You can train like a Spartan but if you aren’t training like one daily and are overindulging daily, you will not be successful losing weight or maintaining a certain weight. Weight loss comes down to creating a daily calorie deficit: calories in…

clean eating

Clean eating is a way of eating healthy.  EAT REAL FOOD.  Reduce or eliminate processed or refined foods.  EAT AT HOME.  The easiest way to ensure you are eating clean is to prepare your food yourself.  Pack lunches + snacks for the week at home (see “meal prep”).  When you do have a chance to…

portion control

This is where many of us get into trouble. It’s hard to put on the brakes when you have an amazing dish in front of you. Very rarely do we overeat veggies – it’s protein and starchy carbs (and of course processed junk food). Our recipes are high in lean protein + veggies and low…