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The unfortunate truth is that most of us can’t (realistically) outrun our fork. You can train like a Spartan but if you aren’t training like one daily and are overindulging daily, you will not be successful losing weight or maintaining a certain weight. Weight loss comes down to creating a daily calorie deficit: calories in (eating + drinking) – calories out (burning).

We are very passionate about good food – we are major foodies and wholeheartedly believe that food should be enjoyed. We like the 80/20 rule – eat clean (as healthy as possible) 80% of the time and enjoy other foods 20% of the time – for us, the 20% is authentic Neapolitan pizza + great wine. Pick a couple of meals during the week or weekend where you truly enjoy some of your favorite foods (but don’t go off the rails, we are talking about controlled, mindful eating – a weekend of binging will erase the good work done during the week). We have a friend that goes out for French fries + wine (her two loves) most weekends, but her diet is on point the rest of the week so she can enjoy those outings and stay slim. It’s about making good choices most of the time and planning.

Our mission at lose+together is to give you tools for the 80%. Aim to hit that 80% and plan ahead of time what the 20% will be. Don’t go into your favorite restaurant hungry without a plan – decide ahead of time what you will order and stick to it (always good to look at menus online beforehand when you’re not hungry).

The recipes on this site will help you with the 80% – they are around 400 calories or less per serving. If you require more calories, increase your portion size based on how many calories your body needs that meal or add a piece of fruit or hard-boiled egg (or glass of wine or piece of dark chocolate!) to get those extra calories.

You shouldn’t feel like you are dieting. Our recipes are loaded with flavor (see “herbs + spices). The 80% needs to be delicious, too! That’s what we are here for. Eating well should be a lifestyle not a diet – you should look forward to every delicious meal!

There are many free apps and websites that can help you determine how many calories you need to consume daily to either lose weight or maintain a certain weight. We use MyFitnessPal and have for years – you have the ability to log workouts to see how many calories you burn and track the calories you consume.


  • watch liquid calories – train yourself to drink black coffee + use those calories saved for real food, add lemon to sparkling water or drink tea plain without anything added and binge drinking alcohol reverses all hard work done on the food side, so just don’t!
  • track all calories – including the sneaky ones – condiments oftentimes have a lot of sugar and can quickly add up to the amount of calories you typically get in a snack
  • eat fresh fruit + raw vegetables as snacks – save the calories for meals and also help you hit that daily fruit + veggie serving goal (see “veggies” under tips)
  • if you aren’t a big breakfast person, have fruit for the same reason above and save your calories for the meals where you prefer to consume more (see “breakfast”)
  • if you are hungry in between meals but not hungry enough to eat a piece of fruit or raw veggies, you aren’t really hungry, you are having a craving – tell yourself that
  • get anything you overeat out of the house – your family has to be on board (see “friends + family support” under tips) – for us it’s hummus and good cookies
  • before going out to a restaurant, look at the menu online and decide what you will order + plug that meal into your calorie tracker
  • drink a lot of water – oftentimes we mistake hunger for thirst
  • snack on raw veggies while cooking dinner (so you aren’t starving by the time you go to plate the meal and over-serve yourself + also help you hit your daily veggie goal)
  • see “portion control” under tips for more suggestions

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