Personal preferences can wildly vary on breakfast. Some of us can’t eat anything until lunch and others prefer to consume most of their calories the first meal of the day.

Like everything, it is a balancing act. If you are trying to lose weight, you must keep track of calories, and if you consume too many in the morning, you may be sitting at the dinner table with your family with a glass of water. You also need healthy sources of energy to get you through the day and workout sessions.

This is where planning is important. Mentally map out your day and week. If you know you are going to enjoy a meal out at dinner that will have more calories, eat lighter earlier that day and/or throw in a good sweat session to get more daily calories to work with at dinner.

For us, breakfast sets the tone for the day. Most days we like to start with fresh fruit, eggs (or omelets with fresh veggies) and avocado. We get in several of our daily required servings of fruit + veggies first thing (see “meal prep”). We love pancakes and brunch in general, so we plan one weekend meal when we get to enjoy a hearty breakfast (and we workout hard that day so we also have enough daily calories for a healthy dinner).

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